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700G\800G vacuum suction machine product description:

1. When the material in the machinery and equipment is insufficient, an alarm will be issued to remind the operator to add raw materials in time to ensure that the equipment can be continuously processed.

2. The suction machine uses a high-speed rectifier motor device. Its volume is large, but suction is very large. It is particularly suitable for conveying some new materials.

3, in the device also installed a dust bag, can help collect the dust generated when the machine is running, so if you want to clean the machine, you also need to use the host to disassemble the line for cleaning.

4. It controls the machine through the line controller. The operator can set and control the operation as soon as it is under the machine. It is very convenient and very quick. 

Product related advantages:

1. Simple operation, easy maintenance

2. Stainless steel material door with motor protection device

3 lack of material alarm, can add the material inside

LAL-800G split suction machine is equipped with imported accessories and advanced motor devices 

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